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PORCHY feat. OXXXYMIRON, CIANNA BLAZE - BACK 2 GRIME.mp3 Загрузок: {count} | [7.88 Mb]

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[Вступление]: I was born for this can't let them forget I'm from the era of discs and cassettes I can do Grime [1] trap I'm a vet 'Cause I don't really care so please, don't be upset [Куплет 1, Porchy]: Fling the bells for the king pin, pin, pin Spitting bullets at your head zing, zing, pin, pin [2] when I sing things, ring, ring Now I got her twerking on a [3] I'm in love with the beat Not a fling ting, swing wings Metaphors are flying Ever saw I'm a grime My forces are supplying Everyone who thought that I bring ring Yeah Got it poppin' like popcorn If you got a my million bangers, I got more Drop more and them, watch everybody drop jaws Of course, so I kill 'em for everyone on top (on top) Throw the microphone into my handsaw Dropped out at college, I never made sophomore I got connections so if anybody test me I don't care if connected brodie I'ma cut cords My name's Porchy, I bring forces I spit raw shit, I can't force it Important, no exhaustion No endorsements, no extortion Still get this shit lit like [4] Might catch me with a bitch, that's gorgeous Thousand horses, [5] the forges With the sources [Куплет 2, Oxxxymiron]: Вайб, три икса, hoe: Возобновляется сага. Бас х**рит из саба, Тебя позабывают и за год. Зиг-зиг-загом лихо петляет слалом - Это реконкиста хип-хапа. Ты скопировал стиль по лекалам (тадам) - Экий неказистый ты кадр. Дам им слов - много слов; Новых слов, странных слов, Я Мастодонт, острослов грайм-основ: Charlie Sloth. Сладких снов! Я здесь богослов за кэш баснословный. Нет таких в словаре, ни кроссфордах Этаких слов, чтоб допёрло до этих ослов Что я не зря сижу взаперти, Пытаюсь вечно чё-то решить - Лишь усложняя сам себе жизнь. Голос шепчет: "Просто пиши, будь здесь. Будь тут, а не там, тут, а не там, там. Тут, а не там, тут, а не-та-не там - будь тут!" И я снова бегу по битам, но не покидая дома в глуши. Fertig! [Куплет 3, Cianna Blaze]: I had to drop a little something let me show them Never ready for the flowing that I throw them See what I'm showing I'm glowing like I'm a Vulken I kill it hard like I bring a f*cking rope in Check this, mic check, hold up, I'm next I am your highness, no clocks timeless Sick like I block up your sieness What I do can't buy that priceless What I do can't buy that priceless What I do can't buy that priceless They're watching My life with a bag of opinions Which one of them are gonna pay my Bill's you immature brats get wisdom So into the drama, bone with Palava Never stop spreading that fiction Calm down love I don't give a f*ck I will make them resign like Nixon So into the drama, bone with Palava Never stop spreading that fiction Calm down love I don't give a f*ck I will make them resign like Nixon [Куплет 4, Porchy] Force to be reckoned with (force to be reckoned with) You can't ignore I was born to be hella sick Taught to be better quick All I wanna be is be a legend for the [6] I eased the game, I could never quit Paid my dues, didn't cheat, and I never skipped I lived in a council estate growing up So I'm proud that I'm known [7] Whole life I'm broke for my relatives Bring more hype to the show, more life on the road I guess getting cold is imperative (Brrr) Touch mic and I freeze all the negatives You could never see Another copy of the beast like me Not [8] many wanna spit like P My flow flows like seas overseas It's still over siege, you wanna talk grime? I ain't never been on a line (never) I told you like I never wanna resign (never) You better [9] (pussyhole) I'm in the [10], I'm letting the bullets fly Fly like Pegasus, ride it like Testament Rhymes like Genesis, sick I'm like [11] Living off adrenaline. Everybody knows - I be putting on a show when I walk up in the premises

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